What Tickles Your Pickle?

2014 is the first year I’ve decided to begin without pressuring myself into ticking off a list of new year resolutions. They’re pretty pointless, anyway. Everyone knows that the words”getting fit” mean drinking a couple of protein shakes and becoming a one- hit- wonder at the gym, and “being nicer to people” is all over once a telemarketer calls. (Seriously, when was the last time you were actually polite to a stranger who called from Delhi, teleselling you things you already have but will never need?)

One new thing I did try this year was publishing The Knocked Up Stripper, and so far it seems to be going quite well. I’m surprised to have gained an audience so quickly, and I’m rather chuffed about it, as a matter of fact. Cheers, readers!

As well as being the kind of pregnancy project I needed, (rather than knitting baby blankets or decorating a nursery in giraffe stickers,) I hope I can use this blog to inspire your imagination, make you think, intrigue and excite you. Even if I make one person smile a day, I’ve done my job.

As I begin drafting my next few posts, I’d like to start focusing more on what it is that grabs your attention. What do you enjoy reading while you’re sitting on the loo or procrastinating about housework? It could be anything from interviews with pornstars to reviews on nappy brands.

Answer this poll below or add your own crazy thoughts. I really appreciate the feedback I’m already receiving. Keep it coming!


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