Gym Junkies vs Couch Potatoes

According to the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s 2012/13 survey, more than 1.1 million adults are now obese. The adult obesity rate has risen to 31%- this was 29% a year ago and 27% in 2006-07. Not only are our adults facing a major health crisis, but 11% of children aged 2- 14 years old are obese; that’s about 85,000 youngsters. Source: Ministry of Health statistics from NZ Herald article in Dec 2013.

The need for change within our community is obvious here. We all know how important a healthy diet and a good exercise routine is, so where are we going wrong? How many of us are sticking to our new year’s resolutions and who’s been having one- too- many jam doughnuts? Guilty? ..Yeah, me too.

I’ve decided it’s about time I get my act together. I haven’t been able to poledance lately for obvious reasons, but with this little bun being half baked already, I’d better find a good alternative, fast. I want to be fit enough to run around and play with my bubba when the time comes. I want to feel healthy and have enough natural energy to support him, mentally and physically with all he needs.

30 year old single superdad, William Orchard, is a personal fitness instructor and proud father of two sons. He has resided in Auckland for almost 6 years now, but says Christchurch will always be home. Will is fairly new to working within the fitness industry, but is already doing very well, having recently taken on the position of Assistant Manager at a local gym. Despite being fresh on the scene, he plans to take his career as far as possible, and insists that world domination isn’t too much of a stretch. Loving your positive outlook, Will! When he’s not at the gym, he’s working for New Zealand’s leader in under- glass produce, which is great for keeping fresh veg on the dinner table. Astonishingly, he also finds the time to study through one of New Zealand and Australia’s leading fitness institutions. I thought I’d get his opinion on the subject of kiwi families making changes to their health and fitness, and he was more than happy to share.

Miss Whiskey: So, Will. As a parent, you understand the restrictions when it comes to finding time for exercise in between picking up the kids from soccer practice, cooking dinner and folding piles of laundry. How much time do you recommend we put aside in our busy schedules for fitness?

William Orchard: Put aside 20- 30 minutes a day, or more if possible. It doesn’t have to be long, but make it count. Anything is better than nothing!

MW: How can we make the most of this time to get the best results?

WO: There are heaps of easy things you can do. For starters, go for a walk. It’s simple, and free! My favourite exercise, for both men and women alike, are squats, and these can perhaps even be done while doing the laundry!

MW: Why is daily exercise so important, and is it something we should be passing on to our kids?

WO: It is important for many reasons, (health and well-being being the obvious answer,) and I personally believe it is a MUST that we show our children how to live a healthy lifestyle, because it is a way of life. It’s easy to live and it’s easier to maintain once you’re where you want to be, so why aren’t we already?

MW: As well as daily exercise, a healthy diet is pretty important. I’m guessing you’re not about to recommend a weekly dose of chocolate éclairs and lamingtons?

WO: Well personally I prefer chocolate, fruit and bacon, but it’s all about moderation in what we are eating, not following some fad diet, (and there are plenty of those out there!) But ladies and gentlemen, it is a fact that if you want abs, you need to eat healthy! McD’s and Kfrizzle are the enemy of a good physique.

MW: It’s not just the stretchy yoga pants and hot PT’s… Apparently exercise increases sex drive! Is this true?

WO: Hell yes! Aside from the extra energy, and confidence from the fact that you feel so bloody good about how you’re looking, the boosted hormones, oxygen and blood circulation throughout your body, (and between the legs!) A well structured exercise programme and eating healthily are all going to make women feel more illecebrous and men unyielding. Not to mention the improved stamina and endurance! (He says with a wink.) Bonus for all involved, as I see it.

“If you want to be “hot-blooded,” then improve your circulation. Physical fitness can increase blood flow, which in theory can make sex more pleasurable since sexual arousal for both men and women involves increased blood flow to the genital area. And that can increase desire itself—if it feels great, you tend to want to do it more. Exercise boosts endorphins, which lift your mood, and it can increase your energy. Not to mention that being toned makes some people feel sexier.”

-Health Magazine

MW: Other than the fact that my poor couch gets separation anxiety every time I leave it, what I find hardest about getting myself down to the gym is finding the motivation to do so. What’s your advice for those days when slippers just seem so much comfier than sneakers?

WO: Get off your ass! Oh, I mean… As my client I would help you find your drivers and motivators. I would call, txt, email you, etc. to keep on your case where needed, to make sure you’re being as proactive as you can be. But in the end, if someone wants to change they will do what needs to be done. Just picture where you would like to be and how you ideally would like to look. Now go stand in front of the mirror and cry until you have the motivation to do something about it!

There is a “Life Expectancy Calculator” on the NZ government statistics website Will also recommends you try if you too are lacking motivation. You may be surprised at the results.

MW: What is your motto or favourite motivational quote when it comes to training?

WO: Squats are like life; it’s about standing up when something heavy tries to keep you down.

That’s brilliant! Thanks, Will. I’m sure we’ve just encouraged (or scared) our readers into getting up and going out for a jog! No time is better than now.

And if his thought- provoking interview wasn’t quite enough to get you off the sofa, William Orchard is now offering one lucky reader a free consult and four week fitness program, valued at $180!

To be in to win, simply like and share “The Knocked Up Stripper” Page on Facebook, and leave a quick comment telling me why you would like to win! The winner will be drawn on The Knocked Up Stripper Facebook page at 6:00pm, (NZ timezone,) on Monday, February 10th



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