20 Things You Probably Didn’t Need to Know About Me but Might Find Suprising Anyway.

1. I was raised in a Muslim/ Catholic household.

2. As a young child I was asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. My response? A stripper.

3. I’ve never eaten bacon in my life, though I’m a big fan of faken. (Strips of tofu which taste all baconish.)

4. I’ve come from a past of abuse, which has had a huge affect on the way I matured and think of the world and myself. It has helped me to connect with other people, especially troubled youth.

5. I get shivers whenever I see the back of a bald person’s neck or if I’m surrounded by too much fluro yellow. In any room I enter the yellow objects are the first ones I see because for some weird reason I’m afraid of them.

6. I am so proud to say that I don’t drink, smoke or touch drugs, and I have my baby to thank for that.

7. Since I heard of Burning Man as a kid it has been my dream to go. I still plan on going some day with my child. (If you haven’t heard of Burning Man, look it up. Seriously, bucket list material.)

8. I was asked to publish my first book at 7 years old. I remember sitting in that office with my parents, who were urging me to write, and I told the company that I just wanted to draw horses. I ended up going to art school.

9. I am the proud mother of four beautiful babes. I have three in heaven and one in my tummy. The names of two of my angels are inked on my skull, because they’re “always on my mind.”

10. I was eating an unknown meat once in Asia. (Never do this.) I was told halfway through that it was buffalo, and then shortly afterwards I hear, “Oh no, don’t worry, it’s only dog.”

11. I live with psychosis and dissociative disorder. I don’t like to say “I suffer from” these mental illnesses, because I’m not suffering, I’m living. Also proud to say that I’m off all meds during my pregnancy and so far I’m doing pretty well.

12. I have a deep asphyxiation with all things deceased. I have a passion for preserving what was once alive and capturing its essence through taxidermy. I feel death often goes unrecognized as beauty.

13. I had a belly chain of Tibetan silver which I wore since I was a child and never removed because a gypsy gave it to me and told me not to take it off. When I turned twenty it disappeared and I fell pregnant straight away.

14. I’ve never sworn out loud.

15. I had minor plastic surgery on my nose after a six hour nosebleed.

16. I have earnt one of a set of seven chakra tattoos I wish to obtain in my lifetime. Each one is inked in a specific spot on my body and I can only have them once I accomplish certain life achievements. The final symbol is to be added when I die to complete the set.

17. I’m slowly learning to speak Malay fluently.

18. I used to have a pet mouse who came with me everywhere, including coming along to work with me in my makeup box to guard my tips.

19. Since I was a newborn I have always fallen asleep whenever I hear Enya or Cat Stevens. This was awkward last year when I was in a record store and fell asleep against a shelf.

20. My gran, my mother and I have all sung “You Are My Sunshine” to our children.


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