Heaven in a Pie

I’ve been on some mad cooking buzz lately, taking over my kitchen like a housewife on crack and whipping up roasts as if my life depended on it. I’ve been meaning to stick up a few recipes for you, but as I get so overly “in the zone” when it comes time to cook, I tend to forget to document my creations and by the time they’re on the table I’ve forgotten what ingredients I’ve chucked in the mix. Somehow, though, they seem to be turning out alright.

Here’s one of my favorites for you. I’m off to curry night tonight, (held the first Monday of every month by the local church,) so of course I’m bringing dessert. And as usual, halfway through making it I’d forgotten to take any photographs, but I’ve kind of done alright with it anyway and made it as easy to follow as possible. Excuse the terrible quality of the photos.

[From ban(ana) + (t)offee]
noun: the taste of pure heaven in a pie. “Banoffee was probably the first thing God treated himself to after he created the world.”

Ingredients are as follows:

– 1 pack of chocolate wheat biscuits (eg Digestives)
– 150g of melted butter
– 1 can sweetened condensed milk
– 1/2 cup of soft brown sugar
– another 50g of butter
– 2 large bananas
– cream
– 2 Tbsp of caster sugar
– a Flake (Alternatively you can crush/ grate chocolate or use hot chocolate powder.)

Okay first of all you’ll need a plastic bag. Chuck your bickies in here and get to crushing. (Notice my recipes seem to follow this trend of food- bashing violence? Perhaps it’s why I’m such a calm person- my food bears the brunt of my rage.) Now, make sure you really smash those biscuits up ’til they resemble breadcrumbs. Tip: you may find it easier breaking up just a few at a time, rather than trying to take on the lot at once.


Tip those crumbs into a bowl and  mix with your 150g of melted butter. Squish this mixture into the bottom of a cake tin or deep glass dish in an even layer to create the base for your banoffee. Awesome, now stick that in the fridge with a “Do Not Touch” sticky note plastered across the front.

In a pot over a medium heat, mix together the other 50g of butter and your soft brown sugar. Keep mixing briskly, don’t stop. (I forgot to mention earlier; this recipe’s a bit of a workout on the old wrist.) Once they’ve merged together forming a brown glob of sweet goodness, add your condensed milk, a little at a time, continuing to mix and keeping an eye on the temperature so it doesn’t burn the pot. And there’s your toffee. You just put the “offee” in banoffee, my friend.

Take your biscuity base out of the fridge and top with toffee. Leave this in the fridge to set for an hour. (Half an hour at least, depending on how desperate you are to get it in you.) Note: it’ll probably turn out a lot more golden/ brown than the picture below. If in doubt; lick the spoon, and if it’s yum you’re good to go.


Once your patience is wearing thin, grab your cream and start beating it with your caster sugar. (More wrist action, unless you’re feeling lazy and can afford an electric mixer.) Put this aside in the fridge while you slice your bananas. Layer them all over the top of your set toffee until it’s covered in them, then top with lots of cream. Totally cover the entire thing in a thick, yummy layer.



Last of all, sprinkle with chocolate. Either crumble your flake, grate a few pieces of hard chocolate or dust with hot chocolate powder to look all fancy and add that little hint of choc. (As if the whole dish wasn’t sweet enough already!) And don’t worry; every bite is totally worth the tummy ache afterwards.



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