Eavesdropping in Stripclubs

“The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn so far is to love everyone equally. Sure, I can give everyone love. But to love my enemies as I love my mother or wife… that there’s difficult.” – A Buddhist monk in Melbourne

“Why? Because it’s safer for everyone here than in a playground.” – An old man who visited during the day and ended up in prison for harming children

“I only work to afford two things; alcohol and rent. And I only pay rent so I have a place to crash when I’ve had too much to drink.” – An alcoholic dancer in her teens

“All women are either sluts or whores. It’s hard telling which she is though.. I had to ask my mother which she was.” – An old man who worked in a brothel. (He’d been in the industry since before he turned eighteen.)

“Never take the stage ’til you hear them screaming your name, Babe. First you gotta make them beg.” – A featured performer I met at a club

“God finds us in the strangest places. You could even bump into him in a stripclub.” – A Christian customer

“I know who really killed Tupac.” – A security guard

“What’s the difference between a bar girl and a stripper? Two weeks.” – Stripclub manager

“Never look a stripper in the eyes. Once you do she becomes a person and no longer an object.” – A friend visiting the club

“You’re not from LA? Well, your ass is telling me otherwise.” – A rapper from The States

“My regular got banned for life. He called an ambulance again. This time coz I stubbed my toe.” – A fellow dancer

“Excuse me, where can I find a food menu?” – A rather confused customer

“You remind me of my wife… I guess I just miss her.” – Confession of a widowed regular customer

“Is there pork in chicken?” – A stripper on her dinner break

“My sister gives me $50 for pocket money and I always come back to see my girls.” – An intellectually handicapped man who visited regularly

“He’s still going to therapy sessions, poor thing. Lost his family, his house… I made him take out a $15, 000 loan. It was gone after three nights.” – A hustler in Australia casually chatting while doing her makeup

“Who wants to come with to Thailand next week? I don’t know what to get.. Another nose job? Or I might enlarge these babies to an E?” – A fantastic plastic spastic

“I literally chopped off my own penis because I loved her that much. But male or female, she wouldn’t accept me. So now I’m still alone, but stuck this way.” – A gang member

“Wanna see my abs? You can touch them if you like.” – Drunk dickhead


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