Carrying On Through the Wreckage

An angel, in the book of life,
Wrote down my baby’s birth.
But then she closed the book and said,
“Too beautiful for earth.”

Loosing something you love is painful. Loosing a person you love is worse. When that person, for the longest time, has been the focus of your entire universe, losing them is like watching your universe crumble before your eyes. Loss, for reasons unknown, has a terrible destructive power, and sweeps through our life carelessly like a split-second cyclone.

But you will rebuild from the debris of broken dreams.

Strength is not expected. But find it where you can. Family and friends will be your crutches when you feel you can’t go on. You can. Inside you is an abundance of strength. It’s always been there; It’s important not to forget that. And this experience, as painful as it is, will only nourish that inner strength.

You are strong enough to pick up the pieces.

When the load becomes too heavy to carry, it is okay to let go and leave it in God’s hands. Just remember, although His plan is often so hard to understand, and you find yourself at times on your knees screaming, “Why me?” He would not have planned this if he didn’t think you were capable. He didn’t just wake up one day and decide to ruin your life for the heck of it. This has been a part of the plan since before you, or anything, existed. This pain chosen specifically for you has its reasons. One day He will make that clear. Until then, trust Him to carry you through the rubble.

Everything happens for a reason.

Don’t bottle up emotions, it isn’t healthy. Let your heart and soul pour from your mouth, regardless of where you are or who is listening. If no one is listening, make them. Your voice is important. It deserves to be heard. Never be ashamed to say how you feel. Talking is healing. Sometimes, silence is too. But always express yourself, no matter how ugly your feelings might seem. Raw emotion is beautiful.

Cry, laugh, scream, pray, feel.

Nothing is ever going to replace what you have lost. The sooner you realize this, the easier it gets. Instead of trying to fill the hole in your heart, decorate it. Let it become a shrine in memory of your precious love, adorned in jewels. A sacred place kept only for them. Never let go of memories. Honor them in whatever way you like. Grief is a never ending process. It doesn’t come with an instruction manual and there is no time limit. There are no laws on how or when to grieve. Just remember not to hurt anyone, including yourself, in the process. Take it one day at a time. Some days will be harder than others. It will get easier though, no matter how dark the future looks right now. You will discover ways to live with what has happened. Let it become a part of who you are.

Never give up.


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