Don’t ask. Just eat.

Uh oh. She was feeling adventurous in the kitchen again…

To make this surprisingly delicious cake/ crumble type thing, you will need:

About five large apples
Two large Tbsp of brown sugar

Two big Tbsp scoops of margarine
Half a cup of soft brown sugar
One large egg
One tsp of vanilla essence
Three tsp cinnamon
Drizzly honey

Two cups flour
One heaped Tbsp of baking powder
A handful of oats
One Tbsp of milk

(Optional) A can of peaches, a handful of sliced almonds

Preheat oven to 200°C. Peel and slice apples into chunks about 1-2cm thick and cover with water in a saucepan.


Add a tsp of cinnamon and two large Tbsp of brown sugar. Boil while stirring occasionally and then let it sit at a medium heat.


In a bowl, mix together 2 big Tbsp scoops of marg with half a cup of soft brown sugar with a fork.


Once that’s combined, mix in your egg. Add vanilla essence, about two tsp of cinnamon and drizzle some honey in. Mix mix mix. At this stage it may look something like baby poo. Keep an eye on those apples.


In another large bowl: flour, baking powder, oats, milk.


Let your flour mixture and your baby poop unite. Mix them up real good and with their super powers combined, hopefully this mess of ingredients will slowly start to become something delicious.


Layer a deep cake tin with your stewed apples, which should be done by now. (Poke them with a fork to check squishyness levels.)


Plop your floury porridgey poop mixture on top of the apples. Spread it around with the back of a spoon best as you can. Top that with peaches, almonds, or whatever tickles your fancy. Get creative. (But not too creative. Curry powder isn’t always a good idea.)


Into the oven for about twenty minutes, or until risen and spongey but crusty on the surface. Mmm. (Poke with a toothpick to check the inside is cooked.)


Serve with cream, custard, ice cream, fruit, or all of the above if you’re feeling super greedy. Nom.



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