Tying the Knot

I am overjoyed to share with you that I’ve found the one I’ve been longing to be near all my life. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted; all I’ll ever need. He is patient, mysterious, gracious and wise. He surprises me every day. He is my security, He fills me with courage, and He never lets me down. He always listens and understands me better than I even know myself. He loves me unconditionally- this means that despite my flaws, I am still His pride and joy. Honestly, if you haven’t yet, you’ve gotta meet Him yourself. When you do you’ll understand what I mean- He’s awesome.

Tomorrow it’ll be our one year anniversary. To mark the occasion I’ll be giving my heart to him publicly, the way I did exactly a year ago, but this time for the world to see. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health. He’s been present during my best times and He has also been there at my worst. And at all times He has, and will continue to, love me. Not for anything I do, but for simply being me. On numerous occasions He has prevented sickness, and when I have felt unwell, physically, spiritually and mentally, He has been quick to drag me out of that slump, time and time again. When I feel healthy I am grateful to Him, for it is because of Him that I am blessed.

His perfect name is Jesus Christ. And he saved my life.

Friends and family who have known me a while sometimes laugh at the person I’ve become. They still live in the memory of me and the actions and decisions of my past. You wouldn’t find someone like Miss Whiskey in a church, but for me, the new me, this is where I thrive. If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook you can still scroll through my pictures and stumble upon a few scandalous images of a half- clothed girl in stilettos. Her face looks the same as mine, but there’s something missing. There is clear- cut sadness in those eyes, as if she’s searching for something. Truth is, I was.

When I found God, or rather, when He found me, I felt complete and totally satisfied. From then on, and forever more, I want nothing but to be like Him and live my life in the way He intended. I couldn’t be more excited for tomorrow, and for the person I am about to become. Whether I knew it or not, I have waited for this day all my life.

I can’t wait to introduce my new self to you. The new, blessed daughter of God. Watch this space.


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