Be Your Hero

Hi there, you fine bunch of people! I hope you’ve all been enjoying your day. I’ve been a busy Mumma Bear as usual, but I just had to stop by to revue my greatest new find, and offer you all a little something special.

Bullying. It’s a hard pill to swallow. But it is an issue which affects us all. I can guarantee each one of you has been the victim or perpetrator of bullying, or knows someone whose life has been impacted by bullying. Perhaps some of you are still experiencing bullying, and it is important for you to know that it is okay to ask for help.

Bullying is everywhere around us and has become a normal part of our culture; in our schools, workplaces, and these days also occurring often online. It’s not right. And it needs to be stopped.

Bullying starts with our children. I believe that with educating our young people we can finally put an end to bullying for our future generation. Once and for all.

Jesse Greenslade’s book, First Week Blues, takes a good look at the natural social behavior that goes on in a classroom setting, from the affects of bullying on the victim to the reasons behind bullying and teaches us about the important role of the bystander. First Week Blues follows the story of a little penguin, Blue, who is bullied by the other birds in his new class for his differences. Later on in the book we are shown that the other birds, (the “bullies,”) are also dealing with their own vulnerabilities, insecurities and differences. Ultimately we are shown that being different is not something to be ashamed of, but rather what makes us all unique.

I feel that what First Week Blues has to offer is a valuable lesson for people of all ages. It is a household necessity and a very useful learning tool to be used in schools worldwide.

Jesse Greenslade’s work has been endorsed by the Human Rights Commissioner and Life Education New Zealand. The book itself is brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated.

This week Jesse Greenslade has generously offered TKUS followers a discount on his book! Simply click here to make your online purchase. 

I would also love to throw in the opportunity for one of you lucky readers to win your own signed copy of First Week Blues! To be in to win, simply head on over to The Knocked Up Stripper official Facebook page, ‘like’ the pinned First Week Blues post on our timeline and tag a friend in the comment section of that post.

The competition will be drawn at 4pm, NZ time, on the 30th of April. Good luck!

First Week Blues


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