Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the Story of My Life

Just a quick catch up. Feel like I’ve been a bit slack lately, although I have had a lot on my plate. But I shouldn’t let the events of the past weekend or the condition of my health hold me back from expressing myself creatively! Just gotta get back into that flow, I suppose. I’ve spoken to a few very wise friends today and it has helped to exercise my lazy brain, but I thought I’d just keep it short and sweet for this afternoon.

What I’m reading I’ve just started the audio book of Still Alice by Lisa GenovaI’m finding it a little hard to get into, but that’s probably because my thoughts have been elsewhere and my life is all over the place. I’m finding listening to a book being read to me much easier than trying to find the time to sit down to a paperback because I’m able to simultaneously breastfeed, do the dishes or paint. So far though, so good. I’m still yet to watch the recent film.

What I’m watching I’ve been hooked on silly TV series. Light humor seems to suit me right now. Bottom and Galavant are two I’ve been watching episodes of every now and then. I’m enjoying being able to chill out and have a laugh, and having a break from too much thinking does me some good. Oh, and also hours and hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

What I’m eating Spaghetti on toast. Need I say more? It’s just been one of those weeks.

What I’m listening to Little Shot and I have been dancing around the house to Taylor Swift this morning; him bouncing around in his nappy and me attempting to sing into the remote. Come to think of it, maybe listening to some interesting music would be a good thing for me. Any suggestions?

This week, so far, hasn’t felt like it’s even begun yet. I can barely tell what day it is… it’s like I’m stuck in sleep – mode or something, like I’m waiting to wake up and start doing something, yet I wouldn’t have the energy to anyway. I’ve gotta learn to cut myself some slack though. I have been semi – productive, I suppose, but it’s totally fine to stay in my onesie ’til 1:00pm without feeling guilty about it.

I’ve been studying up on my Te Reo Maori, and it hasn’t been as challenging as I’d thought it would be. I’m actually rather enjoying it. More to come on that later though. I’m off this afternoon for a wee interview and a play on the playground to lighten my spirits.

I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the Story of My Life

  1. Hey chica,

    I saw you speak at the Tedx event. You were powerful in your vulnerability. Without a trace of the victim. It’s inspiring to see such a fighting spirit. I cornered you to encourage you to keep writing. Just checked out your blog, you definitely have talent.

    I just moved back to the island with my little boy and I am interested to start (or join) a writers group. I am working on a book, first one in a series, The Adventures of a Pirate Girl. It’s also memoir.

    Writing is hard and I want the support and encouragement of a community to keep me on task. I am picturing 2 to 5 serious writers for a weekly meeting to read new stuff, give critical but positive feedback and possibly share knowledge, research and or advice on the professional writing scene. Though I haven’t yet, I fully intend to make a living from my writing.

    I think you would be a good fit. I linked my blog here, I haven’t written on it in years, but it’ll give you an idea about who I am and what I’m about. Email me if you’re interested. anivadthesailor@yahoo.com


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