Big Things Poppin’

We’ve hit a few milestones this past week! Our Little Shot is already one and a half years old! Can you believe that?! One and a half years since he emerged from my nether regions and burst painfully and beautifully and magically into the universe all squirmy and screaming and icky… And just like that, the world was changed forever. Our lives haven’t been the same since and I couldn’t possibly imagine the world without him in it ever again. He has made me the proudest I have ever been and watching him grow is the most epic blessing. (Even though “terrible twos” have decided to show up early.)

Big Shot and I also celebrated another anniversary… Well, by “celebrated,” I really mean we both totally forgot about it, remembered while he was out fixing the boat and I sent him a txt to say cheers. Not our usual romantic, cheesey style – but we’ve been so busy lately! We kinda made up for it by having a big Sunday breakfast at the fanciest cafe in town, followed by chocolate mousse and white chocolate cheesecake! -Can’t complain there!

It’s been a kind of hard time in some ways, too. My eldest would have been seven years old! Seven! I still wonder all the time how she would have looked now… what she would have been like… whether she’d be into Frozen or Minecraft. I bet she’s dressed like a princess, partying up in heaven right now. That’s my girl.

Fun fact: It’s also been a year since I was baptized, and two years since I became a Christian.

Another huge milestone – and this one involves YOU, in fact! – The Knocked Up Stripper has officially been running for over two years! For me, this is an accomplishment. I can barely keep the same hair color for six months, let along stick at writing a blog! But I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who make this little space what it is. Thank you for reading the garbage I come up with. Thanks for supporting me and having faith in me. There’s no doubt that I’ve done a whole lot of growing and maturing over this time, and to have you along with me for this journey has made it a whole lot less lonely. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for your friendships. Thanks for not reporting me or stalking me. I really do appreciate each one of you.

It’s been such a busy, stressful time here, but it’s also been a time for me to reflect and appreciate all that I have; to acknowledge all our accomplishments as a family, to be proud of how far we’ve come, to give thanks and to celebrate.

Really; every day is another day worth celebrating. Even when you feel like poo, I know there’s always a reason to smile. You’ve just got to find it, and cherish it. After all; life is too short and too incredible to waste.

Don’t be a potato. {insert cringe- worthy quote about loving life here.}





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