Media Stuffs

As with everything in the media, some points are altered or dramatized or made to sound really extreme, so don’t take anything you read too seriously. With that in mind, here are a few bits and pieces about me and my blog from different sites, newspapers and radio stations. Oh, and please refrain from laughing at the fact that my voice makes me sound like I’m twelve.

Supporting Our Youth – My TEDx Talk.

New Zealand Herald – A mention of my blog, TKUS in “Favorite Four Kiwi Mum Blogs.”

Mums on Top – An interview I gave while I was pregnant in the “Real Life Mums” section.

Static FM – Podcast of an interview about my time in the NZ & Australian adult industry, my thoughts, and my writing.

Moorish Harem – Interview for a mens’ magazine.

Australian Womens Weekly – An article on homelessness in NZ (under the name ‘Rika.’)

Newsworthy with David Farrier  An interview on my journey from Homelessness

Paul Henry Show with Aziz Al Sa’afin – following the Lifewise Big Sleep Out

Panel Discussion from LATE at the Museum: “City of Shadows” – ft. Ella Henry and Michael Stevens




Other Cool Events I’ve been able to speak at:
Dress for Success cocktail fundraiser evening 

W.A.N.A Festival (We Are Not Alone) 

Tauranga Youth Group – Friday Night Flavour 

Lifewise Big Sleep Out 2015



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