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If you are interested in an interview, public presentation or product endorsement, have a company you would like me to review, or have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact me via the following:



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And for legal purposes, here’s my disclosure statement.



8 thoughts on “Stalk Me

  1. Read your blog and sorry to looked at the photo’s of you on instagram…….firstly brilliant writing, this comes from someone who doesn’t read that much.
    secondly, beautiful photo’s and you will be a great mum.
    Take care.

  2. Hey Darls just saw your interview on TV3 News Worthy. Thanks for sharing your story with us giving us a little in sight as to how real the struggle is out there. Keep doing what your doing, hold your head up, be honest, keep it real but most of all be yourself and the rest will fall into place. Much support to You, Hubby and Bubby.

  3. Saw ur interview on 3 news wow really iinspirational, just read a few of your blogs and I love em there so reall. It’s amazing experience you went threw I must admit I did kinda look down to strippers but after reading ur blog I feel a connection and there no doubt earning more than me. I will always acknowledge and respect these strong minded women. Kia kaha wahine toa

  4. Just saw your interview and wondered how you came to find yourself in that situation, especially with so much going for you including your talent for writing. So glad you found your way as I guess a lot of people don’t. Your blog is a great read !

    • Thank you so much, I believe, in short, that it was all to do with my own inability to trust people. There is ALWAYS help out there, it’s having the courage to trust people enough to ask for help. I’m still working through a lot of stuff and over time I’ll share more of my story through my blog, just taking it slowly :) It’s all a big learning experience! Thank you for joining me on my journey. Aroha nui

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