The Damn Fine Print: Disclosure Statement

It doesn’t take a genius to work out the ways in which bloggers are paid for what they do. But here’s a little statement I’ve chucked together just to make to make things clear. I’ve always tried to uphold my audience’s trust by maintaining my honest writing style and I’d like to keep it that way!

So currently, (30th July 2015,) I haven’t made any money from ads on my website. (Surprising, huh?) At the moment I am advertising a couple of companies in my sidebar free of charge. (Well aren’t I just lovely?) In future however, Google Ads will most likely have space on my website, for which I will be paid for, but I’ll update this section when the time comes. For now I’m good just chillin’ like a villain.

As for giveaways and competition prizes, so far all products and services have been offered free in exchange for endorsement, however I stand by all my opinions in such reviews as being totally true and my own, and I have only reviewed products, charities, brands, services and companies who I really do personally support.

If you’re going to send me products to review, please don’t expect me to return them – it doesn’t work like that. Also know that rather than giving a review that isn’t totally honest, I’d prefer not to write a review at all. I respect and value my readers and their well-being and the last thing I’d want to do is mislead them, as this will not only ruin my following, but also my personal reputation.

When I am asked to speak at a lot of corporate events, my travel, accommodation, food, etc. is often paid for also, which is to be expected – something else you might all like to know, but obviously I wouldn’t be attending nor speaking at an event if I didn’t want to be there.

I would like to see this website grow and become a full time business, so from now on for legal and trust purposes I will be tagging all reviews where items or services have been gifted to TKUS, or where I, the writer, have been paid, as #paidadvertising for disclosure.

Thank you for your understanding. For further questions please feel free to contact me.



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